About League

Para Moravia Cup is a newly formed para athletic league founded by five sports clubs.

The schedule of races and dates will be announced in the calendar of ČATHS, Wheelchair Athletics, on the websites of individual sections.

The league is recalculated uniformly according to the worldwide conversion system (World Para Athletics Points Scores for field Events 2022) with an effort to sanction races in the IPC world rankings.

The competition is intended for athletes competing in throwing disciplines (field),  both for sitting and standing athletes.

Sitting men and women

Shot put           F52 – 57, F32 – 34

Javelin throw  F52 – 57, F33 – 34

Discuss throw F51 – 57, F31 – 34

Club throw       F51, F31 – 32

Standing men and women

Shot put           F11 – 64

Javelin throw  F11 – 64

Discuss throw F11 – 64

League goals

  • Support for sports for the disabled
  • Improving athletic competitions
  • Getting new athletes into para athletics
  • International cooperation with other clubs
  • Promotion and education in sports

5 meetings in Moravia and Slovakia

  • Brno – Brno Mayor’s Cup
  • Ostrava – Ostrava cup
  • Zlín –  Zlín para-athletics meeting
  • Bánská Bystrica – HANDI OPEN BB
  • Olomouc – Olomoucký Cup

About sport clubs

SSK Vítkovice

Para athletics team SSK-VÍTKOVICE

The club was founded at the end of 2016 by disabled athletes.
  • Under the auspices of SSK-VÍTKOVICE, they meet and train at the Municipal Athletic Stadium and the athletic hall in Vítkovice, where they have an ideal, barrier-free, athletic environment throughout the year.
  • The main reason for its creation was to expand the number of athletic clubs for the disabled in the Czech Republic and thus increase the availability of sport for newcomers, because there was no such club in the Moravian-Silesian Region until now.
  • When it was founded there were only four athletes, since then their membership base has been growing and currently has over 20 active members and 6 of them are representatives. Two athletes are also Czech record holders (Obrová, Doležel). In 2020 and 2021 this team won the most medal placements at the Czech Republic Championships and was the most successful of all participants.
  • Not only does this squad participate in national and international competitions, in its five years of existence it has managed to organize a number of competitions, both in the open air and indoors.
  • Among the biggest events are the Para Golden Spike and the Ostrava Cup, which from next year will be part of the Para Moravia Cup.
  • In 2021 the 60th anniversary Golden Spike Ostrava, which included the Golden Spike Ostrava partnership project, the international Para Golden Spike Ostrava meet established in 2017, and this year saw the 5th edition.
  • Ostrava cup has had two editions, when clubs and clubs from all over the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland participated in this event.


AC Wozmeni Zlín

AC Wozmeni Zlín is a club that brings together physically disabled athletes. We are dedicated to para-athletics. Athletics means shot put, discus throw and javelin throw. All of these disciplines are thrown from a seated position.

  • In the club we have 7 para-athletes, 4 of them are included in the Czech national team.
  • We have training under the guidance of two professional coaches. An integral part in training are the assistant coaches, which in most cases consist of family members.
  • Our para-athletes have had many great performances. Several Czech records, Czech championship titles, medal positions at international competitions.

In 2021 we organized the first edition of the Zlín Para-athletics Meet. In the next years we plan to sanction the meets and thus increase the quality level of these meets, which will be within the Para Moravia CUP league.



Slovak club ŠK Sportlife BB is a relatively young para-athletics club, co-founded by Marián Kuřeja – Paralympian, holder of two bronze medals from Rio 2016 and Tokyo 2020.
  • The club focuses mainly on para-athletics, cone throw, javelin, discus and shot put.
  • Apart from Marian, there are two more active athletes in the club, Ladislav Barzó and Pavol Gálik, both of them are already in their second season and making excellent progress.
  • The training is assisted by fitness coach Peter Matuška and assistant and technique coach Jana Sučíková.
  • The club’s ambitions are to find and expand the base of para athletes in Slovakia with other excellent athletes.
  • After a short break we are again organizing the HANDI OPEN 2022 competition in Slovakia to which we cordially invite everyone and look forward to seeing you.


Atletický klub Olomouc

Since 2005, the disabled section has been operating as an independent section under the healthy athletes from Athletika Olomouc.
  • Since then they have had a number of successful medalists from the Paralympics – Eva Kacanu, Rost’a Pohlmann, but also representatives such as Dušan Ščambura, Martin Kukla, Michal Rotter, or Jan Moštěk.
  • Since this year they have had in their membership base people with different types of disabilities – blind, deaf, mentally and physically disabled. They are one of the few clubs in which athletes with all types of disabilities train.
  • The youngest of the juniors is 5 years old and therefore, thanks to the age range of their charges, their activities are very varied.
  • They are the organizers of the international competitions Czech Open, which the Olomouc club organizes every year and at which competitors from all over the Czech Republic and abroad meet. The race takes place in the summer months and has already had 14 successful editions.
  • It is also the second year that they have organised great races for children with physical and mental disabilities.
  • In their ranks they have successful medalists from the European Games of disabled youth Emil Open, such as Martin Přichystal, Vojtěch Utíkal, Dominik Churý, or Karolína Stratilová and others.


Emilova sportovní z.s.

Emilova sportovní, z.s. is an association founded in 2018 by the Emil Foundation for the purpose of developing sports and physical activities for people with disabilities. In what way?
  1. It creates sporting opportunities. For example, it initiated the creation of workout fields for wheelchair users in Brno city, organizes skating classes and various sports camps, or is involved in the currently emerging athletics league.
  2. He organizes sports events. The biggest one so far was the IWAS U23 World Games Prague 2016. A traditional event of the association is the European Youth Games for the Disabled Emil Open, the 10th edition of which was organized this year and which is attended by up to 900 participants from 17 European countries. In January 2022, it plans to organize the 1st edition of its winter counterpart.
  3. It is setting up sports clubs. The biggest one at the moment is the figure skating team, which brought the first ever gold medal for the Czech Republic from Finland. 
By joining the co-organization of the Para Moravia Cup, the association promises a greater popularization of athletics in the South Moravian Region and the establishment of a section of athletics, which has so far been practiced in its clubs only as a supplementary sport.


  • Pavel Zbožínek – Club chairman
  • Phone: +420 602 720 518
  • Email: zbozinek@emilova-sportovni.cz
  • Web: emilova-sportovni.cz