Where It all began

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The first mention of the establishment of a para athletics league was already in 2020, when Aleš Kisý together with Pavel Zbožínek and Vojtěch Kocůrek opened the topic of renewing the league round in Brno. However, the effort to establish or renew the Brno athletics competitions was postponed due to the pandemic. It was only a year later that it was resumed.

The original idea, to support para athletics in Brno, subsequently changed into the intention to establish an athletics league with the aim of reaching an international level with a European character.

The league is called Para Moravia Cup because most of the meetings are in the Moravian part of the Czech Republic and the idea was born here.

About League

Para Moravia Cup is a newly established para athletics league, operating under the Czech Association of Physically Disabled Athletes (ČATHS).

The schedule of competitions and dates will be announced in the official calendars (ČATHS, Wheelchair Athletics, on the websites of individual clubs) and in the PMC calendar.

The league is converted uniformly according to the global conversion rate system (WPAPS for field events 2023) with an effort to sanction races to the IPC World Ranking. The league rules are published in files tab.

The competition is intended for athletes competing in throwing disciplines (field), both for sitting and standing athletes.

Sitting men and women

Shot put F52 – 57, F32 – 34

Javelin throw F52 – 57, F33 – 34

Discuss throw F51 – 57, F31 – 34

Club throw F51, F31 – 32

Formula rides T51 - 54, T33 - 34

Standing men and women

Shot put F11 – 64

Javelin throw F11 – 64

Discuss throw F11 – 64

Runs T11 - 64

League goals

  • Support for sports for the disabled
  • Improving athletic competitions
  • Getting new athletes into para athletics
  • International cooperation with other clubs
  • Promotion and education in sports

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Mgr. Vojtěch Kocůrek

league director

kocurek@paramoraviacup.cz+420 605 940 891
Pavel Zbožínek

Chairman of the Executive Committee

zbozinek@paramoraviacup.cz+420 602 720 518
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