Race with the wind!


The second meeting took place in Brno on 24 June 2023. The organizer was Emilova sportovní, z.s. and the whole event took place at the athletics stadium CESA VUT Pod Palackého vrchem.

This year's novelty of the meet was the inclusion of running events, with 100 and 200 metres runs and rides announced. A total of 71 athletes from 5 countries registered for the meet, but for a number of reasons 17 fewer athletes took part in the competition. Athletes from neighbouring Slovakia and Hungary also arrived.

The slight delay in the start of the meet, caused by strong gusts of wind, was managed to settle down and the medal ceremonies started at 1:30. A total of 28 sets of medals were distributed.

Compared to the first edition, the meeting established a relaxation zone where it was possible to buy snacks, coffee from TeamCaffee and free Birell drinks were distributed in unlimited quantities for all visitors.

The best performances of the meet were shown by the foursome of Petrouš (men sitting), Vrátil (men standing), Obrova (women sitting) and Auředníková (women standing).

The patronage of the meet was taken over by the Councillor for Sport - Bc. Tomas Aberl.

Thanks to all athletes, coaches, volunteers and judges for their participation.

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